Innovation 4 Welfare was a mini-programme which focused on the development of a limited number of subprojects. A call for project proposals was organised in September 2009 and after a carefull procedure 8 subprojects have selected and implemented. Most of them started their activities in May 2010 and ended in October 2011.

Subprojects are interregional innovation projects dealing with the application fields and technology areas defined in Innovation 4 Welfare (see general info). The subprojects include new innovative ideas and/or the interregional implementation of regional best practices. Each project includes at least 3 organisations from at least 3 Innovation 4 Welfare partner regions.

Only public and equivalent bodies were eligible to receive project funding. In the case of Innovation 4 Welfare the subproject participants have been technology centres, universities, polytechnics, development agencies, hospitals, local authorities, etc. Since one of the objectives of Innovation 4 Welfare was stimulating business development in the participating regions, the subprojects have cooperated with regional Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), who have also benefited from the project results.